Road House Remake’s Cast is Unveiled as Amazon Greenlights Action Film. Sources say that he.

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Oscar and Tony-nominated actor.

. . Updated: UFC champion Conor McGregor has joined the cast of the “ Road Houseremake, as first reported by Deadline.

As the production of the Jake Gyllenhaal-led Road House, a remake of the 1989 cult classic action flick, ramps up in the Dominican Republic, the movie has added four new names to the cast.

. Synopsis. Talks of a Road House remake intensified a few years later when UFC superstar Ronda.

With Johnathon Schaech, Ellen Hollman, Richard Norton, Jake Busey. Road House (2017) Pictures, Trailer, Reviews, News.


Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification Lauren Alaina.

Mar 4, 2023 · Here is the original Road House movie trailer while you wait. Synopsis.

Cast and Crew. The cast of the ‘Road Houseremake includes famous actors and a UFC Legend, but what is the release date?.

Doug Liman will direct the film from a script by ‘The Nice Guys’ writer Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry.
Posted: Aug 2, 2022 11:19 am.

A remake of the 1989 movie that followed a tough bouncer.


. Ronda Rousey. In the trailer, Patrick Swayze plays James Dalton, who breaks up bar fights, pursues attractive women, and battles off evil individuals who threaten to disturb the calm he has worked so hard to establish.

Sources say that he. . The original film was released in 1989, and proved a modest box office hit for Swayze (per Box Office Mojo). . To learn more about this.


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Conor McGregor To Make Acting Debut In Jake Gyllenhaal-Led ‘Road House’ For Prime Video.

Jake Gyllenhaal has rounded out his Road House.

With Daniela Melchior, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Williams, Darren Barnet.

Aug 2, 2022 · Oscar and Tony-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal is officially set to star in “ Road House ,” a reimagined take on the classic movie starring Patrick Swayze, for Amazon ’s Prime Video.

Road House 2: Last Call: Directed by Scott Ziehl.