The JUnit Reporter for Mocha NPM package can generate test reports for JavaScript applications.

As a feature flag management service, ConfigCat provides multiple ways to target your users with feature flags to achieve a controlled feature release.

This allows you to see which lines are covered. In our CI, we have two different builds: one that runs with all feature flags disabled by default, and another one that runs with all.

You can create feature flags in GitLab and use the API from your application to get the list of feature flags and their statuses.

But If i disable “All environments” and enable a specific environment like “dev” it returns false.

Deactivate a feature flag, set the. 1, we introduced Feature Flag user lists and support for multiple Feature Flag strategies per environment. The GitLab codebase provides bin/feature-flag , a dedicated tool to create new feature flag definitions.

Feature flags are toggled using environment variables.

The GitLab codebase provides bin/feature-flag , a dedicated tool to create new feature flag definitions. gitlab. 9 is now available to strengthen DevSecOps at scale, with a Security Alert Dashboard to triage high priority alerts, Maintenance Mode for unfailing support of distributed teams, better visibility including additional support for DORA metrics, and advanced automation capabilities that will help you deliver “better products, faster.

. The entry should either be added in the merge request removing the feature flag or the merge request where the default value of the feature flag is set to true.

GitLab Feature Flags can have multiple strategies, and the supported strategies are: All users; Percent of Users; User IDs; User List.

Submit incremental changes via one or more merge requests, ensuring that any new code.

All feature flags in GitLab. .

Togglz is an implementation of the Feature Toggles pattern for Java. disable (:instance_variables_ui) To enable it: Feature.

Create a feature flag rollout issue using the template (if necessary).
Users with Developer or higher permissions can access the Feature Flag User Lists API.

To: Activate a feature flag, set the corresponding environment variable to "true" or 1.


Code to set the environment in the unleash config. . gitlab-ci.

More sophisticated conditions can be passed along with the feature flag, allowing rollouts to very targeted segments, such as “10% of users”, or “only people in China” or “no one at TechCrunch”, down to the specific user level. This allows you to enable or disable these features at application runtime. 10 11. . Version history.

All users.

GitLab Docs. Overview.

Decide on what type of actor to bind your feature flag to (if any).

Navigate to your project’s Operations > Feature Flags.


The way we document a feature behind a feature flag depends on its state (enabled or disabled).

The basic idea is to associate a toggle with each new feature you are working on.